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It’s not easy making yourself seen and heard, but the right visuals can shine through the noise. I work with organisations, marketers, publishers and business owners to solve the problem of communicating their complicated ideas and information to their clients and customers so that they get it and take action. This helps them get funding they need for their projects or get more customers to improve revenue.

I can help you if you need...

your publication to be engaging and accessible

to communicate a complicated idea either online or in print

to get people to understand your big idea

someone to help you tell the story behind the data

to help people to understand the numbers

marketing collateral that works across digital, print and exhibitions








Case studies

Develop your brand

Design for Terrafirma to help them communicate clearly and confidently their expertise, services and innovative tools they use with visual sales assets that hit the nail on the head

Bring your ideas to life

Helping UN OCHA to solve the problem of getting people to read their data-heavy information to give them a taste of the data they hold about current issues.

Make your publication irresistable

Helping Sustrans to get over £2 billion of government funding over 22 years to develop the National Cycle Network, through the design of a report presented to Parliament

Make your data beautiful

Design and expressing charts as infographics makes this long data-heavy report engaging for readers who use it as a resource. This has made it possible for its general audience to read

There’s so much information out there that you need to do something that’s going to cut through the barrage that people are faced with every day so it stands out and they want to read it. That’s exactly what Diane does for us.

Jenny Claydon, Former Content & Publications Manager, Development Initiatives


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